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[Powderworks] Re: Songwriting - E+S+M

stephen.wood@stockford.net stephen.wood@stockford.net
Tue, 26 Nov 2002 10:58:57 +1100

Hi Bruce.
Interestingly, the oils used all analog equipment to record E+S+M and did a
lot less production and engineering in general which is why it has such a
live, spontaneous feel. It is hard to think of a song with more energy and
'vibe' than Renaissance Man on any of their albums. I definitely agree that
is underrated, I count it as one of their best, if you look at the track
listing from start to finish, you can't fault it. I especially have a new
appreciation for Now or Never land after they did it during the acoustic
set in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago.

E+S+M is a classic, a masterpiece. It helped win my wife over to the Oils
along with D&D, now she really likes them and regularly listens to

An underrated album? Yes, but that's really the story of the Oils yet I
can't help but think they wouldn't change a thing.

All the Best

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Great choices! Funny, I just listened to E + S + M last night while out for
a stroll, and after not hearing it for a couple of months I was shocked at
how awesome it sounded. It doesn't get a lot of treatment on the list -
good or bad -  but it's an absolute masterpiece. I too especially like the
swirling Leslie/B3 stuff. If I reckon right, then the lads would've been in
the 35 - 40  range age-wise, arguably in the prime of life, and IMO the
music reflects this - very confident, ballsy, brave and well past the more
obnoxious vibe of some angst-ridden-youth-rock... 'mature' may be the word
I'm groping for. Every song on that album has a completeness about it; and
I"m guessing the band spent more than average time recording, engineering
and mixing to nail the sound. Perhaps their most under rated work yet?



 stephen.wood@stockford.net wrote:

 However if I had to just choose a few then i would say Bushfire for sure.
 ... Martin Rotsey said an interview that they were
 particularly proud of that one.

 Renaissance Man, listen to everything that is going on in that song with
 the interplay of the guitars and the hammond organ underneath, awesome.

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