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[Powderworks] Breakup Culprits?

ALEXEI alexeis@usa.net
Fri, 22 Nov 2002 09:37:35 +0200

>From reading the posts on the subject of the rumor, I just wondered... let's
say, there are "irreconcilable differences"... in everyone's opinion, who
could be the "two Oils" having them to the extent that the whole band ceases
to exist or at least tour?  Bones I sort of rule out.  A relative newcomer
that he is, they would hardly break up over a rift with him.  Rotsey?  Hardly.
 To me, he is quite happy doing what he does, supporting others with his
ingenuous guitar work, not writing material himself.  That leaves us with Rob,
Jim, and Peter.  From how much say Jim has been having recently in the band
(the entire Capricornia being essentially his material) is most likely to be
one of the two.  Who's the other one?

But let us not forget about yet somebody else who is oftentimes credited on
Oils' records as the sixth member of the band... Gary Morris.

It's not that I like to drool on skeletons in somebody's closet.  If we can
guess right who those two are, we may be able to figure out why.  If we figure
out why, we may either raise our voice telling them our love and preaching
tolerance (I guess I sound like a rosy-spectacled nincompoop here), or learn
to live with it, or just--who knows--welcome the decision... 


Bruce Robertson <the_oil_fish@yahoo.ca> wrote:
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Greetings Workers of the World,
Weird that this should come up. I've had a feeling while reading the posts
about this Oz tour that it might be the last. People have described this round
as the best form the band's been in for ages, with the Oils pulling out all
the stops in terms of intensity, catalogue, etc. - what a tragic (but wholly
deserved and somehow fitting) way to end 25 years of the road, if it turns out
to be so. I'm not talking about the personality differences, just the
possibility that the tour may be the last.  And being 44 myself, I can only
imagine the physical toll all that rocking must take, to say nothing of family
life, etc. on these hard working heroes. Still, I hope I'm wrong though, as
I'd love to see them play NorAm at least one more time.
bruce in calgary
 Frosty <chris_frost@optushome.com.au> wrote:Hi All,

Just thought I'd mention an interesting rumour heard on Sydney's Triple M
"Rumour Mill" today. Basically people ring up with their rumours and if it
comes true they can win $1000.

This morning someone mentioned that Friday nights Manly show was sold out in
advance because word had got out that two of the Oils had "irreconcilable
differences" and this could be the last tour.

Way too early to panic, and I can't see any of the boys having such problems
after all these years, but bring on the conspiracy theories!


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