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[Powderworks] TT report night 1

Heidi Shenk nedkellytheking@hotmail.com
Wed, 20 Nov 2002 17:39:14 -0600

Wow!! Sounds like it was one hell of a show!!  I'm going to a different 
concert tonight and after hearing bout you lucky people in Oz i'm starting 
to think that i'll be highly disappointed tonight compared to if I was in Oz 
at the Oils show instead...i can only dream!!! :)


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>Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 18:32:47 -0500
>I am sooooooooooo jealous, I would have sold a kidney to see a show like
>that!  I sure hope somebody's recording tonight!!!!!!  So much for
>rumors of discord.  Tired, I can believe.  Bitchy, no way.
>Oh well, if they don't come back to the US yer gonna see me, Bruce, and
>Kate on the doorstep one of these days. - Beth
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>After sitting here wondering where to start, I'll just start at the
>For those that don't know, Twin Towns is right on the NSW/Qld border and
>because of daylight savings time there's an hours difference between the
>2 states, so I rocked up in NSW time and was an hour early which was
>quite amusing. The venue is good, with stadium seating at the back half
>and mosh-pit (hopefully) at the front. One thing about the sound setup,
>the big speaker stacks are set forward from the stage so that when your
>in the first few rows your actually behind them and can't hear them. So
>down the front you can hear the guitar amps really well but vocals are
>lost and keyboards inaudible (esp DWBTO). Sneak was the first band, they
>played for 30 mins. A pretty standard rock band from Melbourne with
>their debut out next week. Diesel put on a great show with the crowd
>singing along to his old hits. Great bass sound from where I was
>standing (front row facing bass rig) and moog syth used to great effect.
>As Matty mentioned, just before the Oils came out, a roadie ripped up
>the standard setlist and replaced it with the most amazing one I've ever
>seen. I had made a couple of request cards with Wharf Rat, WCI, B&B but
>Pete didn't call for requests and he diddn't need to! Then they came out
>and launched into Powderworks. Bones was sporting a gaffa tape moustache
>and goatie beard which came off by the 3rd song. Jim's looking more like
>Ned Kelly every day. They really pumped these songs out. They were
>definately looking like they need a break though and I think Euro
>workers would be better off waiting until they are rested than having
>them burn themselves out over there. Rob came up front for US Forces and
>SM, then back for Kosciusko. OK that will have to do now. Traditionally
>the second show walks all over the first one so tonight's gonna be a
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>Subject: [Powderworks] TT report night 1
>Tonight was amazing. I dunno if theres ever been a gig like this or if
>there ever will be again, all i know is that it was my 2nd show ever and
>it was awesome!
>The setlist were ripped up and replaced just before the band came on and
>nathan yell across to me somthing bout that they were gunna  play the
>first albums.
>Any way it was a cracker of a setlist they played songs in chronological
>(thats a big word this time of night) order of years they came out, i
>ended up getting one at the end. They didn't take any requests but i had
>a piece of paper ready to throw up there anyway. I had surfin with a
>spoon on it and since we were feeling really dehidrated i wrote "could i
>please have some water??? (thirsty)" At the bottom.
>I chucked it at petes feet and he picked it up and read it into the mic,
>laughed and said somthing about maybe the security guards could get us a
>drink. Later i did a drinking motion to pete and he just mouthed "wait".
>He never did get me a ! drink but hey i lived. Another highlight was
>when he came down off the stage during kosciosko to get up this guy who
>was shoving mark. He checked to see if mark was ok and straightened the
>guy out then wen he got back up said somthing about respecting otheres.
>Only let down was the last encore didn't get played. Maybe due to the
>fact the vocals seemed turned right down i dunno.
>Anyway heres the set list.
>Run by night
>Cold cold change
>Bus to bondi
>No time for games
>Don't wanna be the one
>Lucky country
>US forces
>Short memory
>Best of Both Worlds
>Dead Heart
>Beds are burning
>Blue Sky mine
>King of the Mountain
>My Country
>One too many Times
>Surfs Up tonight
>What goes on
>Redneck Wonderland
>The setlist also had Golden age and too much sunshine written on there
>but neight got played.
>Another thing there was a fight broke out b4 the band came on right near
>Anyway its 2am i'm sorry if this is full of mistakes and or makes no
>sense but i'm tired and i gtg get some sleep for tommrow night
>Night to meet everyone i met seeyas tommorrow.
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