Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Date check, and new FTP server

Jeff and Jane Scott jscott@iinet.net.au
Mon, 18 Nov 2002 11:28:03 +0800

OK, it seems that the MTV show was in fact the 20th of April.  Thanks to 
all who responded!

In other news, I have now set up my PC to act as an FTP server.  (At least, 
I think I have set it up right...)

So there will a few different bits and pieces available from time to time.

The details you need are:

Site: scmods.ftpserve.net
Username: moginie
Password: rotsey

Which, if you're using a web browser, you can put together like this:


A few notes and things to be aware of:

1. This is running off my home PC.  So, it's only available when I have it 
switched on, which is generally between about 9.00am and 9.00pm Perth time, 
which is GMT +8:00.  May well be available outside those times, on the 
other hand it could well be switched off between those times too.  There is 
also a limit of five people at any one time, so if you can't get through 
that might be why.  Don't be greedy and try to take up more than one of 
those five slots at one time - multiple connections from the same IP will 
be detected and kicked off.

2. What is available to download will vary around quite a bit.  At the 
moment there's a whole stack of Oils live mp3 stuff, but it will be pretty 
much continually changing.  It is quite possible that I may delete a show 
while you're still halfway through downloading it, for which I apologise in 
advance, but hey, I'm letting you have it for nothing.  You may also visit 
one day and find it full of Oils, then come back a day or two later and 
find it full of U2 or Led Zeppelin, or find it completely empty.  The 
directory you're accessing is a working directory on my system, not an 
archive.  I'm just giving you access to whatever I happen to be working on 
at the time.  Maybe when I next upgrade I'll have more than an 8 gig hard 
drive and will be able to dedicate some space to this stuff on a permanent 

3. As mentioned above, I don't have unlimited space - in fact I'm working 
pretty close to the limit most of the time.  Consequently, the account 
details above do not allow you to upload files.  If you have something you 
think might be of interest, email me and I'll see if I want it.  If it's 
live material there's a fair chance I'll have it already.

4. If there's something in particular that you want and you suspect that I 
have it but it's not on the server, feel free to email me and ask.  You 
never know, you might get lucky and catch me at a time when I have free 
space and nothing in particular to do.  Similarly if you get 23 of the 24 
files needed to complete a show then I delete them all, feel free to 
ask.  Just don't expect an instant response, or even a response at 
all.  Like I say, you might get lucky, or you might not.

5. Don't even THINK about mentioning having those Red Sails demo tapes put 
on this server!!!

6. If you download mp3 files and burn them to an audio CD, that's 
fine.  However, please ensure that if you ever trade a copy of that CD with 
anyone, you tell them quite clearly that the show is from an mp3 
source.  There IS significant sound quality difference between mp3 and CD 
audio files.  Some people don't care, but some do care quite a lot, so 
always let them know up front what they're getting.

7.  If you download mp3 files (or any files at all for that matter), burn 
them to CD and try to sell them, you will be attracting some very bad karma 

8.  If you're making audio CD's you might find some snappy cover artwork at 
http://jtl.cjb.net.  If the show you have isn't at that site, then I can't 
help you with cover artwork.  When I started doing those covers I had no 
children, now I have two, and it's not high on my priority list these days.

I think that covers about everything.  If you need help on using FTP, there 
must be a million websites out there that can help you.  I don't have time 
to give lessons or instructions.  Any other questions you have, feel free 
to ask.

One final thing - just to check that I have set it up right, drop me an 
email if you manage to successfully connect in the next 24 hours.  I don't 
want to hear if you don't get through, only if you are successful.  Thanks.