Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Manly #02 v.01

Powderlurker . powderlurker@hotmail.com
Sat, 16 Nov 2002 04:37:59 +1100

ok... I'll try & get it right, this time...

setlist with ** additions included:

Pete- intro US... whey!!!
US Forceps (as before)
Ships of Freedom  ** Warakurna played instead
Tin Legs
Short Memory
Too Much Sunshine

3/4 - Postcard / Sell My Soul  **Lucky Country / Put Down That Weapon played 
Tone Pome
Both Worlds
One Country
Beds (with Glad)
P & The Passion (with Glad)
Dead Heart (with Glad)
Redneck Wonderland
King Of The Mountain
Valley/Blue Sky/Herc  **Outside World/Blue Sky/Hercules actually played

**Don't Wanna Be The 1


an absolute screamer!! Great Friday night show. Heaps of L-u-r-v-e!


For those who want to know / care...
White girls shirts - gone (nice one, Scott!)
Red  Mozzie - still hangin' in - L, XL, XXL
Green Mozzie - XXL just a few left.
tha-tha-tha-tha's all folks!


That's it!!

sleep @ 4 !!

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