Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Vote for... ME!!!!

Randy Van Vliet bigdaddyrv@yahoo.com
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 09:11:34 -0800 (PST)

For those of us in North America, The UTE looks like
the old Chevy El Camino or the Ford Ranchero.  Strange
that those models were discontinued many years ago
here but apparently are going strong in OZ at least. 
I had a late 60's Ranchero when I was in High School
and it was pretty cool unless you wanted to take more
that two friends anywhere on a cold rainy night.  


Oh yeah, I voted for you Justin.  Not only because you
begged but because you had the best story.  No way
I've voting for the girl or the guy in the Glam Rock
band, feh!  The guy with the 3 girls would be my
second choice.  I've seen too many barbies in my life

--- Dave Schultz <dschultz29@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Done & done!
> Cheers,                                  Dave
> P.S. Don't know that we have an equivalent
> automobile in Canada or the 
> States- that "ute" is similar to a pick-up truck but
> w/ a car-style front, 
> which I find very weird.
> >From: "Justin H" <justinh@jeack.com.au>
> >To: <powderworks@cs.colorado.edu>
> >Subject: [Powderworks] Vote for... ME!!!!
> >Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 20:48:12 +1100
> >
> >OK workers, its time to vote for Youth!! (not the
> teenage kind the Justin
> >kind)
> >Yep, ME!!! Whilst visiting the M's to check out the
> Midnight Oil vote 
> >thing,
> >I noticed a competition to win a ute (utility).
> >A "ute" some of you OS workers may ask?? A car. Um,
> cant think of what they
> >are called in the US. A two door car with a tray on
> the back. Anyway, I
> >registered and Im in he short list. The last 5
> contestants!!!! This is 
> >where
> >I need your help. Its an online voting comp. So log
> on and vote for me:
> i think. Im
> >finalist 3.
> >
> >Anyway for those who dont know me:
> >Im Justin Heitman, I live in Melbourne Australia
> yadda yadda , and my gift
> >to you all for your votes and your friends votes
> and your friends,
> >friends.....
> >well, you help out a fellow P/worker. Oh hang on, I
> gave you all an EPK (ie
> >the one on Capricornia) and will
> >soon be dishing out a coupla fine Oily DVD's :)
> >
> >So help me out y'all
> >Justin
> >
> >Thanks!!!
> >
> >
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