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[Powderworks] Re: Manly 1

mikewoods@optusnet.com.au mikewoods@optusnet.com.au
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 09:04:45 +1100

No time for games was also played, after Golden Age, 20 songs in total.  
Fantastic long solo from Jim.  He also whipped the e-bow out for the end of 
Beds.  Gotta respect the beard.  Let he who haveth the whisker and continuity 
grow the beard.

This band is tight.  I saw them in Sept last year as they kicked off the whole 
Capricornia thing and they're now winding it down over a year later.  Tight and 
hard.  A little tired, yes (particularly Rob and Bones, much more subdued than 
normal) but the front line is well played in.  Those callouses must be rocks!  

The really old songs are a treat to hear live again, but as they are so infrequently 
played, the band doesn't quite get into them as much as they do the well 
rehearsed numbers.  Last night I thought Comfortable Place, Strong and Some 
Kids really tore the house down whereas Run by night and Bondi were a little 
tentative (by comparison).  However, the energy levels were quite something and 
this goes down as quite the definitive gig for this happy audient.  I was thinking 
about the old expression 'a band at the peak of its powers' to describe this band 
last night...it sounds strange after 25 + years because they've been at their peak 
for most of that time, but last night was quite something.


Badda Bing!
Much ado about Request-A-Rama

Badda Boom!
Many requests collected & read out... but all the ones played were already 
on the set list...

Playing by braille:

Pete's intro: suburb of the US... hey?
US Forces (as last night, first half, a sing-along) (V. good)
Luritja Way
Short Memory
Now or Neverland
Blue Sky Mine
Playing wired (and they were! most energetic set I've seen in years!!!)

Golden Age
3/4 (Bondi, Sell my Soul) Bondi was played ('request')
Too Much Sunshine (Haul Away was played, at Pete's request)
(as per list... all subsequent...)
Run By Night  (!)
Real Thing
Only The Strong
Dead Heart
One Country
Trugannini/Herc/Beds (Herc wasn't played)

Band was in a groove, tonight. Heaps of balls!
Pete mentioned Cold Cold tomorrow.... here's hoping!!
Heaps of great requests ...except some dork requested Trug & Valley 
(frequently played).