Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Manly Leagues #01

Powderlurker . powderlurker@hotmail.com
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 02:26:19 +1100

Badda Bing!
Much ado about Request-A-Rama

Badda Boom!
Many requests collected & read out... but all the ones played were already 
on the set list...

Playing by braille:

Pete's intro: suburb of the US... hey?
US Forces (as last night, first half, a sing-along) (V. good)
Luritja Way
Short Memory
Now or Neverland
Blue Sky Mine
Playing wired (and they were! most energetic set I've seen in years!!!)

Golden Age
3/4 (Bondi, Sell my Soul) Bondi was played ('request')
Too Much Sunshine (Haul Away was played, at Pete's request)
(as per list... all subsequent...)
Run By Night  (!)
Real Thing
Only The Strong
Dead Heart
One Country
Trugannini/Herc/Beds (Herc wasn't played)

Band was in a groove, tonight. Heaps of balls!
Pete mentioned Cold Cold tomorrow.... here's hoping!!
Heaps of great requests ...except some dork requested Trug & Valley 
(frequently played).


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