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[Powderworks] Oils Vote

ALEXEI alexeis@usa.net
Wed, 13 Nov 2002 05:27:32 +0200

Damien, Matty--

I think your vote for the Oils as #1 band would be more than appropriate if
the question sounded like, "What band changes YOUR life like no other?",
"Whose music moves YOU most?", "Whose music in your opinion is the best ever
blend of lyrics, musicianship etc.?"  But to vote for the Oils as the most
influential band of all time will be just mathematically wrong.  I don't think
you can say that they set trends or that lots of other musicians copy from
them.  And I doubt that you, Damien, and your band (Deep In, is that it, gotta
have your CD in my collection one day) make it your purpose to sound just like
the Oils. They are inspirational, that much is true, and they have tremendous
powers of making people want to take up an instrument and perform or compose,
among other things.  But for me the word "influential" stands for "followers
among other musicians" in the first place (that's how Damien understands it as
well.)  Besides, as a fan I do want to be taken by the band members seriously,
really, though I am never gonna be as close to them as some others on the
list.  I don't want to cut a figure of a frenzied girl or boy who hails there
every step, or of one who makes 'Oil' and 'Oily' his/her only verb, adjective,
and noun used.  In short, if you tell them you consider them to be the most
influential band in the world, they will probably appreciate your loyalty but
will definitely shrug their shoulders behind the back of the person who says

I may be convincing the convinced, because Damien has already asked not to be
taken too close to heart.


"Matty S" <bus2bondi@hotmail.com> wrote:
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<P>I totally Agree with Damien and i'm sure alot of other ppl on here do too
otherwise they wouldn't be on here. Think about it though what is MMM gunna do
if they get a huge response from ppl supporting the oils as the most
influential band, aaawww i dunno maybe play more of there music??? What would
that do, might even attract more fans hence more support for the band. I voted
and like Damien they're the reason i play guitar and write music because of
they're influence. Something to think about.</P>