Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] the aftermath continues

Varina Crisfield ghostie@snail-mail.net
Sat, 9 Nov 2002 23:38:27 -0600

>>I love the way die-hard democrats love to portray Republicans as 
the scourge of the Earth.  

Well, "scourge of the earth" is a bit extreme, but it's not only the 
democrats that use this sort of demonisation. How many times have you 
heard conservatives using terms like "leftist liberals" in the same 
sort of tone?

>>Its the democrats that believe in Murdering defenseless babies 
(they call it pro-choice).  

Yeah, and the conservatives believe that they should decide what a 
women should do with her body, because they must have some sort of 
moral ground on her, without knowing anything about WHY she would 
make this choice... And even better, let's force abortion underground 
so that it's nice and dangerous...that ought to discourage these 
murderers. I'm not so keen on abortion, but I do think it should be 
the individual's choice, not the state's...

>>Its the democrats that believe in giving 
murderess criminals a chance (they call it REHABILITATION which has 
proven not to work) to get out of jail only to go out and murder and 
many more defenseless citizens.

Jail doesn't work too well either, for the record. Further, NOT 
everyone in jail is a murderous criminal... many of them are people 
who screwed up, made mistakes, messed up their lives, some of them 
are in a sense victims of social problems and inequalities. Do you 
think it's a coincidence that there is such a high proportion of 
Blacks in jail, or that they are inherently more criminal? No one 
does - almost, anyway. Crime occurs partly as a result of larger 
socio-economic circumstances. Many criminals do need some sort 
of "rehabilitation" - to get back on the right track. Prisons don't 
do that. Yes - reform is needed, let's start by thinking about 
prisoners as people, not simply bloodless criminals....(I do believe 
that the majority aren't.)

>>I could go on-and-on listing all the failed 
and errant democratic ideas and political agendas that only server to 
the American people.

Yeah, like civil rights. That was pretty, er, liberal. Nothing quite 
as errant as democracy, eh?

>>I have been listening to the Oils since 1987 and I have never heard 
them sing 
about or support any of the ridiculous Liberal Left Wing agenda 
issues that 
you believe in.  Get a grip and try listening to the Oils with a bit 
intelligence instead of trying to cubbyhole them into your own sorry 
democratic liberal beliefs.

Um, I think that "liberal democrat" is a pretty good descriptor for 
the Oils politics. You've been listening to them for 15 years, have 
you ever listened to the lyrics? Not that the Oils and the "liberals" 
will ALWAYS see eye to eye. But I do believe that they share many of 
the same ideals and values. 

sorry so long,


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