Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Non album tracks

Stephen Scott nornirn@lycos.co.uk
Sat, 02 Nov 2002 11:10:53 GMT+1

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Hi there,
The first I heard of Kiss that Girl was today, but aparently they have been playing 
it at some gigs, and no one has ever mentioned it. Are there many more non 
album tracks that the Oils have sung? I've compiled a list here, if anyone can add 
to it, then please do.
Also, I see their reasoning for releasing the extra tracks on the European edition. 
I know that most decent Euro Oils fan will already own at least one copy of 
Capricornia, and if the Euro release was the same, then most wouldn't bother. 
Now with the extra tracks, we will all be forced to buy it again. Well I know I will. 
Kiss that Girl could be about pandering to Maggie Thatcher for all we know. Or 
maybe it's about Pete losing his virginity. Who know's. We'll just have to wait and 
Anyway. here's the non album tracks I have inc cover versions. Let me know 
whats missing.
1 Devilfish Shuffle 
2 Land 
3 I See You 
4 You May Not Be Released 
5 Eye Contact 
6 Kingdom Of Flaunt 
7 Frontier... What Frontier? 
8 Smash The Wobbleboard 
9 Ships Of Freedom 
10 Heaven And Earth 
11 (What so funny 'bout) Peace Love and Understanding
12 The good Son
13 Highway to Hell
14 Know your product
15 Wharf Rat
16 Echo Beach
17 Pub with no Beer
18 Birdman
19 Telstar
20 Locomotive Breath
21 Redback on the Toilet Seat
22 Dazed and Confused
23 Sweet Georgia Brown
24 We gotta get outta this place
25 Advance Australian Fair
26 Waltzing Matilida
27 And the Band played Waltzing Matilida
28 Stand your ground
29 Kiss that Girl


"This is a mad house....you'll be lucky to make it till Tuesday"