Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Reasons and reactions

bmounier@sympatico.ca bmounier@sympatico.ca
Fri, 1 Nov 2002 9:56:03 -0500

This is not about judging Gary, it's about judging his response. Taking into account that I'm sure Andre's tone was biting enough, that perhaps Gary was having a bad day, I still consider his response not to be very satisfying. To put it mildly. I traveled from Canada to New Orleans to see MO and I can fully relate to what it would have felt like if they had cancelled last minute. Am I still a hard core fan? Yes. Besides, band and management are often two things...

> Date: 2002/11/01 ven. AM 09:47:21 GMT-05:00
> From reading this post there seems to be a fair bit of bashing going on
> (both ways), probably understandably, but it's still bashing. Judging Gary
> on one persons response (when we have no idea as to the 'tone' of the
> original enquiry) seems like bashing to me.