Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Abbreviation?

Brian Jacobs suncrush@lycos.com
Sat, 27 Jul 2002 18:06:01 +1200

Nope.  In the context of 20KWatt RSL it's "Returned Servicemen's League," an Aussie VFW.  Here in NZ they're RSA's (Associations)


Rakastaai han maainen, seka kantaai rakas heitan hei tahtille taivassa.

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 Dr. J. Lee Hoover wrote:
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>  OK, I'm going to have to ask - So what exactly does RSL stand for?
>  It's after midnight and I've been crazy the last 2 weeks at work - nonstop, nights & weekend.  The kids are in bed and I've been watching my new 20kW DVD and stringing beads for the past 2 hours.  I have entered the xone - I am one with the Oils.  Life is OK.  Good night, workers - Beth

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