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[Powderworks] Oils and other Aussie bands in Seattle

Tribe Goddard daznsam@webone.com.au
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 19:39:42 +1000

Those Wiggles do have some rock pedigree.  If you want to see their origins
have a look for a couple of albums by a band called the Cockroaches.  They
had a top 10 hit or 2 in the 80's/90's, the one I can remember was Hey Let's
Go.  I saw them live and thought they were absolute crap, mind you I was
seeing a lot of Spy V Spy, Oils, Angels, Choirboys etc at that stage and the
Cockroaches were a much ummmmmmm tamer band.


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> Hey all,
> So the Oils played an awesome show in Seattle a couple months ago,
> downtown at the Moore Theater.  I was about halfway back on the
> floor and a bit to the right, just under the edge of the balcony,
> with my wife and a couple of friends.
> Then, a few weeks later, I was back at the Moore with my wife (and
> kids this time), sitting in almost exactly the same spot, to see
> another great Australian band:  The Wiggles!
> They were in fine form, rocking non-stop through all their greatest
> hits.  I was too excited to remember the setlist, but it was kinda
> like this:
> In the Big Red Car We Like to Ride
> Wiggly Party
> Wake Up Jeff
> Run Around Run Run
> Hey Hey Hey, We're All Pirate Dancing
> Hot Potato
> Cluck, Cluck, Cluck, Cock-a-Doodle-Doo
> We're Dancing With Wags the Dog
> and a few others I can't remember now.  I was kinda bummed that
> they didn't play Fruit Salad, my all-time favorite, but given the
> younger nature of most of the crowd, they kept the set on the
> shorter side.
> Cluck, Cluck, Cluck was great.  Featuring Captain Feathersword,
> who sang the clucking parts in the styles of various well-known
> rock stars:  Mick Jagger, Elvis, the Teletubbies (Po!), etc. as
> the audience yelled them out.  I was gonna yell "PETER GARRETT!!"
> but they were moving on to the next song already.
> The best part was when I got to meet Murray, the lead guitarist.
> He came walking up the aisle right by me, so I stuck out my hand
> and said "g'day," and he grinned and shook my hand and said
> "G'day!" right back.  Wow!!!  Wish I'd bought a t-shirt, I coulda
> had him sign it.
> The Wiggles have collaborated with the likes of Slim Dusty, Tim
> Finn, and Rolf Harris (complete with wobbleboard!).  There are
> lots of audio clips on their website, www.thewiggles.com.au so
> go have a listen.
> They are touring the Midwest USA and Canada in August, New
> Zealand in September, and the East Coast in November.  Check 'em
> out if they're in a town near you!  Oh yeah... your kids might
> even like them.
> Andy
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