Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] St. Louis show

Paul Becker pebecker@navcorp.com
Tue, 23 Jul 2002 09:36:05 -0500

Sorry I haven't posted sooner but I've been away on business.

My wife and I attended the St. Louis show and were very pleased to see the
guys once again.  Our only other time seeing them was in 1990 for the Blue
Sky Mining tour.  It was at the Fox Theatre, which is a great place to see
most anything.  H&C opened for them and Midnight Oil put on a fantastic
show.  I still vividly remember Peter climbing to the top of that oil rig
tower.  We missed them when they came through on the Lollapalooza thing...
We didn't feel they fit in with the other bands on the tour and WE certainly
didn't fit in with all of the wild kids attending that festival.

I think they were here for Diesel and Dust too (at Mississippi Nights?), but
since that's the album that introduced us, we didn't know about the tour
until it was too late.

Anyway, we were somewhat disappointed in the turnout for the show on the
8th, I know that in the past I've told Krusty to tell the group not to
forget St. Louis and she said she'd mention it to them.  I hope they don't
forget their fans here in the future because of a mediocre turnout.  The
place was almost full, but not full enough.

It was an awesome show, and while the opening group (Will Hoge) was playing,
my wife said she nearly had a heart attack when she spotted Peter coming in
the back door of the club and heading to the dressing rooms.

To sum it up, it was great to see them again and we're looking forward to
the next opportunity (if any of you guys are reading this, PLEASE come to
St. Louis next time).