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Beth Curran bcurran@columbus.rr.com
Wed, 17 Jul 2002 22:25:31 -0400

Hey guys,
Maybe Glitch was just making a point here - that non-mainstream views
aren't expressed in the workplace, but mainstream ones are, since the
people who hold them rarely know (?care?) they may be offending some
people.  I'm a dedicated freethinker and I cringe at getting "prayer
circles" emails and seeing the workplaces of some people plastered with
religious symbols.  But I think most people (maybe I should say "most
scientists" since that's what I am and who I work with) are capable of
thinking rationally about others' points of view.  In fact today one of
my coworkers was saying she didn't see what the fuss was over the Pledge
of Allegiance, and I calmly asked her to substitute the word "Allah" for
"God" and see what she thought, and she about fell into her own
bellybutton.  She just hadn't thought about it before.  And we Workers
should be all about that!

Lots of people with non-mainstream views like to joke about it by
exaggerating for comic effect - I often refer to myself as a "heathen
savage" or "foaming rabid atheist" although I am neither.  (If I were,
I'd hardly be listening to the Oils, now would I???)

 - Beth Curran, who believes Alan Rickman really IS the Voice of God

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For the first time that I can ever remember, I totally align against you
a point.  I know our government is corrupt and our fore-fathers were not
always upstanding, but the basis upon which our government was built and
beliefs for which *many* good Americans have given their lives is
and just.  I will give my full allegience to the symbols that represent
spirit--tainted though they may be--because I believe in a higher
morality that will not come from an anarchist government, but only from
nation bonded together with determination to peacefully co-exist.  At
time there is no such place on this earth like that, with the exception
Antarctica (<--- MOC!), but a day will come...

Hold together.

I may not live in the city, and I may not be as cultured as you, but
judge us American faithfuls too harshly.  We mean well.

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John Welk wrote:

>The first amendment prohibits the government from supressing speech --
not extend such protection to individuals or organizations.

>I don't condone Lina's company's policy -- not in the least -- but what
did is perfectly legal in the U.S.  Just a week or two ago a federal
court upheld the right of a Florida company to dismiss an employee
political protests that were contrary to the company's positions.  The
thrust of the ruling (from my reading) was that employment was not a
that the company should not be forced to employ someone acting against
company believed to be in its best interests.

Totally true.  The company I work for has been plastered with American
since 9/11 and - most recently - an "intact" copy of the Pledge of
Allegiance - and I am VERY sure that if my true anarchist feelings were
expressed I would find my ass on the street very fast.  The good old boy
network I work for has no obligation to employ anarchists.  I keep my
down, shut up, and wear long sleeves so my tattoo doesnąt show.
Sucks, but it's true.

"There are trivial truths and great truths.
The opposite of a trivial truth is plainly false.
The opposite of a great truth is also true."
                     --Niels Bohr

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