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[Powderworks] NMOC: Prescient Oils

Kate Adams kate@dnki.net
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 15:45:40 -0400

Ah Indi, that's not prescience.  Prescience implies that an event is not 
reasonably foreseeable by those without some special faculties.

Given the frequency of road and rail accidents in this country, even the 
DOE and DOT can forsee at least 300 accidents involving high level nuclear 
materials on barges (like the one that downed an interstate bridge earlier 
this year), rails (like the accident Indi referenced) or on highways.  When 
people were traversing the country with the fake nuke casks, cops and 
firefighters could easily foresee having to deal with an accident and 
weren't too happy about it either.

If there is ever a case for the precautionary principle (in lay 
terms:  measure twice cut once; look before you leap, etc.), it is in this 
case.  Nasty accidents are statistically certain given the shear number of 
transports, and the consequences are potentially catastrophic.

Putting a travel charm in the medicine bag for the Oils and those Powdies 
still on the road,

At 01:20 AM 7/16/02 -0500, Indi Trehan wrote:
>for all of you who have recently been fired up about the yucca mountain
>issue by the oil, the timing of this couldn't be more appropriate - or
>downwind of wisconsin,
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