Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Enough of Sour Grapes!

ALEXEI alexeis@usa.net
Mon, 15 Jul 2002 09:10:48 +0300

I absolutely insist that no bickering between individuals on this list take
place in public.  If people want to speak daggers and reply to each reply to
each reply to each message, do so privately.  In as much as I welcome any
posts describing personal feelings that the Oils may arouse in people, and am
prepared to make allowances for overreaction to such, I am not supposed to be
copied on further attacks and sarcastic wishes of nice weekends etc.  I think
that what has been happening for the past day or two between two members of
the list is against all rules--if not the purpose of the list, than
Netiquette.  Keep it private, if you both aren't smart enough to keep it

This is, in my opinion, a matter to be addressed by the list owner.