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[Powderworks] Walsh`s Pyramid: King of the Mountain

James A. Smith jasmith@cim.mcgill.ca
Sun, 14 Jul 2002 16:53:23 -0400 (EDT)


my parents just got back from a trip to Australia and had a whole lot of
fun being tourists.  I've included their email to me about the photo that
you can find here:



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When we were on our way down to Kurrimine Beach from Cairns to launch
the kayaks, Peter, the trip leader, was doing the tour guide thing.
When we arrived opposite this mountain, he asked if anyone knew the song
King of the Mountain by you-know-who.  Turns out that the mountain in
the song is Walsh`s Pyramid.  There`s a race every year from Gordonvale,
the town just down the road, up the mountain (the winner being the King
of the Mountain). I think he said the best time from Gordonvale to the
top was 1 hour 20 some minutes.  Anyway, here`s a picture of Walsh`s
Pyrmaid - all 922 m of it with sugar cane in the foreground.

So play it again!!!!