Midnight Oil

FW: [Powderworks] Re: Oils in Milwaukee / Yucca Mtn.

Jonathan Hart midnightoil@shaw.ca
Thu, 11 Jul 2002 21:55:43 -0600

Lina Yune wrote:

> And the worst of all is, that some companies (where I work is one good

> example) follow those "news", and I was actually "written up" 
> yesterday for attending the Oils show in Milwaukee, and participating 
> in anti-Yucca stuff.  My company said it was against their policy, and

> if I get written up for something like that again, I will be 
> terminated.

Rhonda wrote:

>Are you serious?!?!

>That's nuts!!  It's not like you were burning their corporate golf 
>shirt at the show or anything, they shouldn't have any right to say
>anything about what you do on your own time.  

You have got to be kidding!  What kind of company do you work for, and
why the hell should they tell you what to do on your own time?!?!

**Incoming swear words***

Fuck corporate America!!!