Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Janice's post

Glitch sena.reisenweaver@verizon.net
Thu, 11 Jul 2002 19:24:16 -0400

I have gotten all my shirts from concerts, or else from kindly souls on this
list who have bought me a shirt from down under and mailed it.  You could
try e-bay.  I'm unaware of other places to get this stuff.  Good luck.
Also, Fuzzface is Jim's side project, similar to Rob's Ghostwriters.

"There are trivial truths and great truths.
The opposite of a trivial truth is plainly false.
The opposite of a great truth is also true."
                     --Niels Bohr

> My Midnight Oil t-shirts have been worn so much, they are a bit raggedy.  My
> posters had water damage. Does anyone out there know where I can get my
> hands on a shirt or poster.  The merchandise site on midnightoil.com has
> been under construction forever.
> Also, who is/are Fuzzface?
> Thanks,
> Janice
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