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[Powderworks] NMOC The D-Generation

Justin H justinh@jeack.com.au
Mon, 8 Jul 2002 15:04:28 -1000

Geez, well spotted!! Yes I used to do stuff for the late show. As I work in

the TV industry I have done quite a bit with them. Back then I was a tape 
operator for a post production company and use to sync the sound for 
things like "Shit scared" and many others, also a few on air bits. Most 
recently I colour graded "The Dish"

>Non-aussies and anyone younger than about 28 might as well skip this 
>right now cos you proably won't have any idea what i'm talking about...
>For those who are left, I was watching "The Best Bits Of The Late Show" 
>from the early 90's yesterday.  As the credits rolled at the end I spotted

>a familiar name going across the screen...
>So how many Justin Heitman's can there be in Australia?  And what was 
>part in it all, Justin?
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