Midnight Oil


AFSedelmaier@aol.com AFSedelmaier@aol.com
Thu, 4 Jul 2002 21:57:22 EDT

Adam and Oilman Chicago update!

Those who missed this, missed the Oils in their glory. An absolutely HUGE 
crowd, anyone care to take a guess?? I'd say 100,000 people. Peter had the 
crowd really wound up in the Dead Heart as he climbed a tower about 150 yards 
from the stage and did the whole song from there which got everyone out in 
the grass really going. The only bad thing was the sound since he was 
struggling to hear his monitors and it seemed like his cordless was at its 

An amzing setlist most notably littered with DEISEL classics (and a lot of 
them!). The highlight for me and Adam was to finally get to see them play 
LUCKY COUNTRY live!!! Amazing.

We weren't lucky enough to run into Indi though, we tried calling his sorry 
rear before the show and just missed him as he had gone ot the Taste already.

Oh, as most of you know, the entire show was broadcast live on WXRT and 
sounds simply amazing!

Oh setlist....

Too Much Sunshine
Put Down That Weapon
Lucky Country
-----acoustic set-----
Luritja Way
Blue Sky
----back to electric------
Say Your Prayers
Golden Age
King of the Mountain
River Runs Red
Redneck Wonderland
Dead Heart
Forgotten Years

Simply phenomenal show.

Oilman will give me reports from the road as I will be hitting Milwaukee, 
Madison and Minneapolis!

Adam and Oilman signing off from Chicago!