Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Capricornia

Peter Horbury phwruvic@vicnet.net.au
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 09:13:43 +1100

My view of the 'difference' with Capricornia to the last 2 real albums
[ignoring TRT here] is that it sounds like a MO album from the
beginning. Anyone who'd ever heard classic oils would know who it was -
whereas (us puritans aside, natch) on hearing 'RW' or 'Underwater' might
have thought 'Oh it sounds like MO doing thrush/grunge/techno' (whatever
classification one may like to put on it). In the sense that whilst I
have soft spots for songs from both albums they're a little like Red
Sails, sort of like in-laws - they have things that are very close to
those you love, but you just tolerate them 'cause their part of the

Yes - I agree about 'Been away too long'..it's hypnotic almost in its