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[Powderworks] Early demo?

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Mon, 25 Feb 2002 10:56:37 +1000

A friend of mine who is not on the list has been keeping abreast of this
hot debate, which is a refreshing diversion you must agree, and he had this
to say -

Dear Naked Flame,

Well, this begs the question - from where did the RS demo originate??
Australia, the US the UK??  The dead heart??

Probably came from spray can information or a written contract in the
So, they've the blues, there is enough and I will fight and I'll fight but
will not Burnie up my discs.

I have got a feeling that the real thing means a thing to the greatest
complainer as his friends found some time for games.  Oh, the power and the
passion, keep on sending me the responses as I want to read about it.

If you disagree - you will get annihilated.

Koala Sprint

All I can add is this - The Oils have always stood for reasoned and
structured debate/protest over the strong arm tactics and threatening words
/ ultimatums that I've seen come from some people here. There are those who
will shut down debate by getting narky and patronising.  You only have
yourselves to answer to for that and for that fact that you and people like
you have traded the demos, and have done so in recent times. This band does
not need defenders and nannies.  The reality is, right or wrong (and I'm
not saying it's right, please understand that the shy person who e-mailed
me off-list...) these demos are out, have been for years and its game over.
They are mostly in the hands of people who have never heard of the
Powderworks list. So, ease off people like Maurice please.

"If we surrender ourselves to industrial rules, we'll wake up in the
wreckage of tomorrow" .


Travis Zanoni <TravisZ@actf.com.au>@cs.colorado.edu on 25/02/2002 08:15:17

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You might want to think about what you write next time.  So all of this is
none of the band's business??  I'm sorry it's just that I thought we were
talking about a song owned by the band, written by the band, performed by
the band.........stupid me...but I thought perhaps that may make it exactly
their business.  We are talking about something that belongs to the band.
Just because we are 'hardcore' fans (whooppee!!) we have no right to do
we wish with recordings that do not belong to us.  Unlike a bootleg of a
live gig...this recording was not a public performance.

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From: Brian Huddell [mailto:bhuddell@bellsouth.net]
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> Sorry for the late reply, but, TAKE IT OFF!!! This was not
> made for public distribution and as Travis has already said,
> its only out there because someone stole it. If you cant get
> it off I will personally take it up with the band. Justin.

Jeez.  I guess it's sort of fun having an insider on the list with us,
but this kind of scolding is a little much.  Powderworks is not
affiliated with the band in any way, and frankly, what we talk about is
really none of their business, certainly not in any proprietary sense.
If anybody has a right to play list-nanny it's Tim.  Maurice has only
his conscience to answer to, as far as I'm concerned.  I'm glad he's
decided to bow to what appear to be the band's wishes, but this business
of "taking it up with the band" really does little to enhance the kind
of free discussion a forum like this is all about.

Careful, folks, what you get up to around here:  Justin might tell THE

> I expect a reply ASAP with good news.

Am I misreading this?  This sounds almost threatening.  You *expect* to
hear, ASAP, that your demands have been met?  Sounds like the laminate
fumes may have gone to someone's head.

Congratulations on your decision, Maurice.  I'm sorry it was accompanied
by this kind of public hand-slap.



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