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[Powderworks] Oils tour dates

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I think the whole Monday thing with Letterman is no longer true.  I think h=
e did this at NBC, but now, he tapes new shows on Monday through Thursday. =
 He tapes 2 new shows on Thursday though, 1 of which then airs on Friday.  =
So every week he has 5 new shows, but still only works 4 of the days (doubl=
e-duty on Thursday).

At least, this is the way I understand it.


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something seems strange - originally, they were supposed to be on letterman
>on the 27th, but now they're scheduled to be on on the 25th. the 25th is a
>monday and as far as i know, letterman never tapes new shows on mondays -
>those days are reserved for him to tape the =93extras=93 (like scenes outs=
>and stuff) hmm....

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