Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Tuesday night @ Metro

mwoods@customfleet.com.au mwoods@customfleet.com.au
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 10:05:09 +1000

Slight correction, Beds was in the encores, not an acoustic guitar in
sight.  Crowd was manic, I thought the band was showing signs of this being
the third gig on the trot, Rob looked less zesty than usual, I haven't seen
him alternate his snare striking hand before, as a drummer I'd say that
would be a sign of knackeredness.  Peter carried the show.  It was bloody
hot up there though.  New songs tight.  The band had some on-stage
discussion on which song to play last and asked for crowd suggestions.  The
wall of sound that responded prompted them to play Forgotten Years.
"..and now for something completely different - Forgotten Years!!!!"  Was
anyone at Monday nights show to furnish us with a setlist?

Mosquito March
Too much sunshine
Written in the heart
Luritja Way
Ships of Freedom
Time to Heal
Blue Sky mine
Say your prayers
Been away too long
Golden Age
Dead Heart

Read about it

In the Valley
Forgotten Years
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