Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Chapel live webcast

Tari, Vince fstariv1@NMHG.com
Sun, 17 Feb 2002 21:31:15 -0600

Just checked out the Oils website & found the following may be of interest,
especially to workers overseas.........

Oils on Cold Live At The Chapel - Australian TV and internet broadcast
The Oils' performance will be screened on Saturday 2nd May on Channel 10
(approx 11.15pm). 

It will be streamed on the internet live via Planet Rock on Thursday the
21st from 8.30pm (that's Australian Eastern Standard Daylight Savings Time)
, 9.30am London time or 4.30 am New York City time on 
This gig will also feature appearances from the Superjesus and Something For
Kate doing their oils tribute songs from the 'Power and Passion ' album  

ps. please note that the Channel 10 replay date is incorrect.