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[Powderworks] Ronnie Scotts Gig

Andy Gillcrist andrewg@nwlink.com
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 16:46:47 -0800

And after Short Memory, Peter says "I want to congratulate you on being the
well-mannered crowd we've ever played to."

Then someone in the crowd yells out "Wedding Cake Island!" and Peter actually
responds, which seems unusual.  He says "Yeah, that'd be fun... we're too far
from the surf to play a song like Wedding Cake.  I think, you know, if we
played a
song like Wedding Cake Island, I would just, ah, quietly sort of fade off my
sort of,
ah, clubby stool and just hitchhike straight back home..." then they launch
into Beds.

The club's website has a couple photos:  http://www.ronniescotts.co.uk/

I love this recording -- the sound is excellent, clear and well-balanced
amongst the
different instruments and vocals, and it's really apparent that the club is
smaller and
more intimate.  I think the Oils were really "on" that night;  every song is
performed.  My fave's gotta be Sell My Soul... but Warakurna is awesome as
and Short Memory, and Dead Heart, and... well, they're all good.


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> no, there are probably 300 people in the room but it was in England and
> people here only ever clap politely, didn't you know that?
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> >What was the deal with this gig?  I'm listening to a
> >couple of the live songs from this gig and it seems
> >like there is about 18 people in the room.  The
> >audience is extremely quiet during the songs and only
> >shows polite applause after.
> >Is this just the sound editing or was it something
> >else?
> >
> >Randy