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Hey Greg, how about the lyrics to "Your Country" - I mean, "Our Country" - =
I mean, your "My Country" - I think you all know what I mean.  Anyway, I'd =
be interested in reading them.



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>From : Greg Ralls <GregRalls@Users.com>
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Date : 08 February 2002 21:04:55
Subject : RE: [Powderworks] Quiz Question
little known, struggling american singer greg ralls has a song called =93du=
st=93 and a song called =93my country=93.  though i'm a big oils fan, i can=
 honestly say that i didn't write the songs with midnight oil in mind at al=
l.  in fact, i never even thought about it until this thread was started.  =
my music is much more akin to the elton john stuff of the 1970's, but it's =
nice to know that i have the oils in my blood, however subliminally :-)  i =
wrote =93dust=93 about being left behind by a girl i liked, and i wrote =93=
my country=93 after the terrorist attacks this past fall.
>awaiting capricornia,

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