Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] In the Rain

Jeff and Jane Scott jscott@iinet.net.au
Fri, 20 Dec 2002 11:47:08 +0800

At 19-12-02 10:26 PM -0500, Kate Parker Adams wrote:
>Ah, oily synchronicity.  Don't we all love it!  This sort of thing has 
>happened to me more than I would care to mention.
>My favorite story of this sort comes from the time I was sitting at my 
>advisor's desk taking the two-day comprehensive exam inflicted on all 
>doctoral students.  I was just back from the NYC show at the Bowery and I 
>packed a lot of Oil to listen to while I ground away at the test.
>I had just popped in BSM to keep me awake and remind me of why I put up 
>with these indignities. Then I leaned back in the chair to stare off into 
>space for a minute or so and rest my mind while I listened to the opening 
>cut.  After a minute or so of this I realized just what it was that I was 
>staring at on the book shelf beside me.
>A copy of Blue Murder, the disastrous story of Wittenoom that inspired 
>BSM.  I investigated it after I handed in that day's exam.  It was 
>autographed (my advisor specializes in the study of dust-related lung 

well to continue the theme, only moments before reading this email I was 
checking some dates on the Dead Heart site, and I came across my own 
account of my trip to the Blue Sky Mine itself back in 1998.  There's 
probably a fair few of you now who weren't on Powderworks when I first 
wrote it and posted it to the list, so if you're interested in my 
impression of the place you can read it at 

And those who were wondering what a "ute" is, you can see a picture of mine 
with the story!