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[Powderworks] new news on the website

Galina Yune lina_yune@msn.com
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 06:16:22 -0600

If you want to listen to a full song of Backsliders (including of cool video
along with it), just go to:


Scroll all the way down the list to the lower right (it says
Backsliders).and enjoy.

I do that all the time at work.  That song is now lodged in my mind, and I
am humming it all the time (I know that's annoying yeah)!

I just ordered Hanoi, and can't wait !  If the Smokestack was that awesome,
I am really looking forward to the whole album.  Blues "ala Rob" are very
different blues !

Bjorn, where did you find the other sound snippets?


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> Never heard of this band before. I guess someone should have mentioned
> it as Rob's in it, so probably I have... I've just downloaded some
> snippets of music on the site, it will be exciting to hear what it's
> like.
> That rumour thing about Bones was really cool - I really can see him
> playing with the Stones now! :)
> /Bjorn
> > > news about the Backsliders  http://www.midnightoil.com/news.html
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