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[Powderworks] That Tim Blair

craiggy@ozemail.com.au craiggy@ozemail.com.au
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 14:40:38 +1100

My response to Tim Blair:

I am an Oils fan. So when I read Tim Blair's recent article I saw red. But after a weekend to cool down, it dawned on me that if treated as a satirical piece, it could have worked quite well. The trouble is that it came across as a mean-spirited personal attack, which I'm sure was not intended. Tim should perhaps work on improving his writing style. 
I just couldn't shake the image though that perhaps there was an agenda behind this piece and just couldn't shake the image of Tim at a News Corporation-sponsered Christmas drinksfest laughing at all the Oils fans he managed to piss off with the stroke of his pen. 

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