Midnight Oil

SV: [Powderworks] unsupportive article in the australian

Magnus Holmgren oznut@swipnet.se
Fri, 13 Dec 2002 0:17:31 +0100

> From the article:
> >Extensive research reveals, however, that since 1993 Midnight Oil have
> produced seven albums 
> Seven?!?
> We've got 'Breathe', 'Redneck Wonderland', '20,000 Watt (Collection)',
> 'The Real Thing' and 'Capricornia'. This man doesn't even know how to
> count to five...

I wonder if the cunt has done his extensive research on my website? (http://hem.passagen.se/honga/database/m/midnightoil.html)

If you count the two 1996 double-cds of countdown/red sails and d&d/bsm it's seven albums. I don't know how he could have got it to seven otherwise.

Anyway, that's extensive research for you!


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