Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] My response to Tim Blair

stephen.wood@stockford.net stephen.wood@stockford.net
Fri, 13 Dec 2002 09:41:19 +1100

Hi Guys,
I've come out of lurk mode to post my response to Tim Blairs article in the
R.I.P. Oils.


Mr Blair, you obviously haven't learned the art of researching (the one
skill I thought a journalist had to have). Firstly, the Oils have produced
6 albums since 1993 (including their compiltaion album, 20,000 watt RSL).
And yes, many people including me own a copy of Capricornia. It made No.7
on the charts.

Secondly, if you had been to any one of their many recent gigs around
Australia, you would have seen all the females but of course you've never
been to an Oils gig. Someone like you can't appreciate the most unique and
important Rock band this country has ever produced.

As for the Oils being signed to a big record company, I guess you are right
about that. In fact, they never should have played those damned guitars
made out of wood, or used all that electricty in the course of making and
playing music, in fact I shouldn't even be using this computer now, and
maybe you could see if you can get your employer to issue the daily paper
on something other than paper.

This is obvioulsy a case of tall poppy syndrome. I can understand how you
would be jealous of a man and a band that have had such an impact on so
many people over so many years, whereas you are just a journalist.

What have you done to contribute to the betterment of society Mr Blair?