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[Powderworks] Signing up branches for Portland/Edmonton/Kansas City 2002 tree...Seattle/Vancouver(#2)/Calgary 2002 weed...

David A. Brass amt4all@yahoo.com
Sun, 8 Dec 2002 13:17:41 -0800 (PST)

People to act for further distribution needed...you must have CD copy
capablility.  Will sign up several "leaves" later on myself.  Branches for
Australia, Canada, Europe, etc. would be great too.
The Portland/Edmonton/Kansas City disks will be done using an audio CD
burner w/ digital input from the MD player and should be quite identical
to the masters.  Not sure if I can get the track markers in so these disks
may need futher editing by the primary branches.  1st disks should be
ready in a few days.

Can send Seattle/Vancouver(#2)/Calgary disks out to anyone who missed the
recent tree and weeds.  Just a simple disk-copy with my audio burner for

Please reply off-list....

David A. Brass
Arcata, California

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