Midnight Oil

Sv: [Powderworks] Re: The Time Has Come!

Magnus Holmgren oznut@swipnet.se
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 2:48:05 +0100

Al and all,

They did not make their first public appearance, neither did they change their name from Farm to Oils or anything like that.

The story goes something like this: on Dec 10, 1977 the band decided to give up their part-time jobs and concentrate on their music. This might also have been the date when they decided to take up Gary Morris as a 6th member? As a coincidence it happens to be Gary's birthday as well.

Damien please confirm/correct


> Someone recently mentioned (someone more knowledgeable than I) that on 
> December 10th Midnight Oil would have celebrated their 25th year together.  
> And despite what is going on now, I invite, with the help of the experts and 
> the Sydneysiders to have you all join me in a special Powderworkers 
> celebration.
> Could someone tell us the following;
> 1. Confirm that December 10th, 1977 was the first public appearance of the 
> band.
> 2. Inform us as to where that first appearance took place and at what time 
> the band took the stage.
> 3.  Tell us what the first song was and if it isn't something on an Oil 
> release tell us what the first song was that did end up on an album.
> Once we establish this information I suggest the following; at the appointed 
> hour and minute every Powderworker around the world no matter what the time  
> take 5 minutes and play that song so that we may salute Midnight Oil.
> It is my goal to have the same Midnight Oil song played around the world at 
> the same exact moment.
> Once I get the info I will make an effort to let all the world know what time 
> they will press play.  If anyone knows of a universal clock we can sync up to 
> on the Internet let me know that as well.  I want this to be as precise as 
> possible.

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