Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Who wants to change the world?

Andy Gillcrist andrewg@nwlink.com
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 10:58:37 -0800

Pete does, and he has, and he will.  Bring on the change!

And, I just want to celebrate!  25 years of the most incredible,
awesome, inspiring music I've ever listened to.  May Pete's
departure only be the end of the beginning.

I first saw the Oils in Seattle, back in 1990 on the BSM tour
with Hunters and Collectors.  I remember just being floored.
Hadn't managed to see them again until this tour, and I'm so
glad I made the effort and road trips to be at FIVE shows --
Portland and Seattle last fall, then Portland, Seattle, and
Vancouver this past May.  Managed to snag one of Rob's
drumsticks at that first Portland show, and brought it with me
to the rest, hoping it might attract a mate.  It didn't, but I did
get to meet Rob outside the Commodore in Vancouver, and
he autographed it for me.  It's a treasure, all right.

So, I got the blues, but these will not be forgotten years.
I'm just part of this play, and I'd rather drown in happiness.
The news is at a trickle, we're waiting for the next big thing,
and I'm gonna wait for the moment to come.  The choice of
career, the proper vocation -- out of our hands, all for the
needs of the nation.  Say yes to a real life ambition, it's
called the politics of a brand new year.  There's a soul with
good intentions, a man who makes no enemies -- every man
must be what his life can be.  He's gonna move those
mountains aside, and I hope the pen is mightier than any

We give the best we can give, I do the best I can do.  But
I don't wish to listen and not understand.  The right stuff
weaves and fits into your life, and our lives go forward if we
listen to our heartspeak.  So many genuine things surround
you, see what a world you can make.  Hold onto dreams
tonight, the world won't stand still, and now is the time to

God knows it's been fun!

	Andy in Seattle.