Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] everything that ever has been

tone poem taralys@hotmail.com
Wed, 04 Dec 2002 08:09:02 +1100

If there's something that I would like to say, then it's simply this.

I don't believe in goodbyes. I believe in 'see you later'. I grew up with 
the oils (quite literally, as they were already a well established band by 
the time I was born) and there's no band that spoke more lovingly of the 
country that I call home. Of the highs, and the lows. And with the prefect 
mixture of politcal whack, rock and introspection, Midnight Oil was more 
than just a 'musical group' to me.

An end, this may be. But maybe it's a beginning too. A plataeu for new 
Australian music - maybe not like the Oils, but something all the same that 
screams 'Hey! I'm Australian and I'm bloody proud. Right or wrong' or 
something that stands up in the crowd and booms 'Wake up and see what we're 
doing to ourselves!'

Midnight Oil taught me alot. And, I'm a different person for it. Maybe if I 
see the guys around, I'll say "Hey, thanks for everything. That took guts" 
And if Peter does go into politics, I wish him luck and say that if I vote 
for him, it won't be on his talent, it will be on his policies.

So to Jim, Rob, Martin, Bones and Pete - whom I don't really know well 
enough personally to call by their first name, but somehow, I don't think 
they'd care.
Thanks guys.

And Pete. You know you can't hide for long even if you don't go into 
politics, a man with your stature and charisma can't stay underneath the 
radar long.
Besides, it's not in you.

And to the powderworkers. You are all perfect friends. Midnight Oil would be 
something different without you. I'm honoured to call myself a powderworker. 
And lucky to call myself a fan of the most important band in this country's 

These are all opinions. But it's heartspeak. That's got to count for 


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