Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Oils gone but never forgotten

Adrian Oates aoates@newsguy.com
Tue, 3 Dec 2002 02:02:34 -0800 (PST)

What can I say? 

I'm shocked, surprised (but not totally), saddened, but am anticipating what
the 80% Oils will produce, anticipating PG's future political/environmental

I got into the Oils around 1985 after finding a Red Sails tape in the bargain
bin of a record shop.  I remembered reading about MO and how they were much
better than Men at Work (who I must admit got me into the Aussie music thing,
so it's not all bad!) so I bought it.  I had never heard anything quite like
it before - it meant something, it wasn't just dippy love songs and it
expanded my vocabulary... had to look up the word Spinifex in the dictionary
for one!  In those days Midnight Oil albums were really hard to get hold of in
local record shops in the UK (and the WWW was nowhere), every so often I would
take a trip up to London and go to HMV in Oxford Street just so I could buy
another album.  My first Oils concert was in 1990 when they managed to
sell-out Wembley Arena,  since then I've been to four or five, would have like
to have gone to a couple more but now we know the story.  They've been part of
my life for over 15 years and despite their demise they will continue to be. 
I'll carry on listening to them and carry on buying anything to do with them.

Good luck PG, we'll miss you but I'm sure you won't keep a low profile for
long. Good luck Rob, Bones, Jim & Martin, you're all cracking musicians and a
great team... we await new stuff!