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[Powderworks] Congratulations...

Beth Curran bcurran@columbus.rr.com
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So much for my logical rebuttal...............Now how do I break this to
the kids??? - Beth

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...to the person who submitted the rumour to the radio station - they
money didn't they?

Commiserations to all of us fans. It begs the question - what happens
to the DVDs that were supposedly to come out this year? Will Capricornia
ever be officially released in the UK? Any chance of a retrospective

And tomorrow is my birthday - a while back I was going to celebrate my
25th birthday by heading to London for my first ever Oils gig. Now I'm
celebrating it with the demise of the band. How things change.

Ah well, maybe now that they're done I'll finally get my web-site caught
up with the guys! :-)

Cheers for it all!

Maurice R. Kelly
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