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[Powderworks] The End?

Yasmin Dalati yasmindalati@web.de
Mon, 2 Dec 2002 20:23:15 +0100

that reminds me of when i first met the oils in byron bay in 99 (thanks
krusty!)...we talked to rob, i didn't know what to say, but the discussions
was about don henley...and he just joked "pffff....singing drummers! oops!".
anyway, thanks oils for the big impact you had and will have on my life.
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> i think rob should come to the front. we already know he can sign (from
> ghostwriters). kind of like when peter gabriel left genesis and phil
> (the drummer) came to the front to take over. i think a drummer/singer is
> great combination.  - however there would no longer be the crazy thrashing
> front man if rob had to be behind a drum kit the whole time! - and that
> would suck, but it would suck even more if someone tried to imitate peter.
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> > OK so this looks like the end...but if you read the statement it seems
> > 80% of what made the Oils will still be playing their music. I for one
> > forward to this and really hope they do keep playing together.
> > songs will continue to appear for many years to come from now on.
> >
> > One question though - who would sing...has Jims voice improved enough?
> > see them getting another singer...but Bones is very good and so is Rob.
> > wait to hear what it turns out like...like they say they really have a
> > chemistry with or without Pete.
> >
> > I wonder though why Pete decided to quit the band. If the others wanted
to do
> > more that Pete I'm sure the Oils could have done an album every three
years or
> > so, and the others done their side projects...me thinks that Pete will
> > doing something very big and political to have to quit the Oils for
> >
> > Julian
> >
> > The Monkey Family
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