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[Powderworks] Aussie workers: the Bulldogs[NMOC]

djboyle@mistral.co.uk djboyle@mistral.co.uk
Thu, 22 Aug 2002 08:54:06 GMT

I'm not an Aussie, but I am a big fan of RL. Clubs can't be allowed to get away 
with this type of blatant cheating, and the Bulldogs must face up to the 
consequences. They should be docked enough points to ensure that they have no 
chance of playing in the finals. 

I wouldn't be suprised if there are one or two other clubs up to the same 
activities though. Perhaps the NRL needs to get some independent auditors to go 
through the books of all the clubs?


> I was wondering what the Aussie workers thought of Doggiegate.  I am of the 
opinion that
they ought to be thrown out on their backsides, but I'm biased.  See, I'm a 
Warriors fan.
> Brian
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and most proper way of handling your displeasure is to force the other person 
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