Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Re: digest/ian's comments / Origin of Oils fans

Rhonda kayak@sympatico.ca
Tue, 13 Aug 2002 02:22:36 -0400

fluw wrote:
> i didn't say it rhonda and no of course i am not the only true fan "from the
> beginning" i didn't get into them until 84, besides the era doesn't matter
> only the consciousness of midnight oil matters if anything really matters as
> a fan.
> anyway, sorry to have ruffled your feathers.
> todd

Hey Todd,

No prob.  That political discussion sure has gone off in more ways than
imaginable, and it's all been interesting whether one agrees with the
views expressed or not.  At this point, it was a great idea for
whoosisface (so sorry can't remember the name) to take the initiative to
start a new subgroup elsewhere to continue it.  One *would* expect the
Oils following, by the very nature of the band, to be (jeez, what is the
term I'm looking for....)...inter-culturally tolerant/aware/???  Unable
to think properly at the moment - I just received a long-awaited copy of
"Strict Rules" in the mail today from Oz, and haven't set it down yet!  

Glad to see we're not heading down the road that I've seen on other fan
newsgroups where it disintegrates into a sh*t-throwing contest of what
"qualifies" one to be a "real" fan....stuff like that is as pointless as
those 100 Wankiest Guitar Players lists.  No matter at what point a
person was converted to Oildom, whether one was lucky enough to HAVE
known about them from the very beginning, or whether one's exposure to
them began when they began to be noticed in the "mainstream" market, or
even more recently than that, it's how you live the music and the
message from then on.  

Rhonda  :-)