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[Powderworks] you had/have it coming america

Greg_Ritzen@Dell.com Greg_Ritzen@Dell.com
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 18:02:52 -0500

Unless this list returns to a MO discussion, I'll be leaving the list, just
like Todd did.

Come on, folks.  We've all got our differences.  This is like arguing
abortion;  you're not going to change someone's mind by making a few short
statements.  I didn't join this list to argue politics with people.  I
didn't join this list to rag on the U.S., nor to defend her.  I joined this
list to discuss MO, and possibly to make a friend or two overseas.

That said, let's please get back to the topic at hand: our mutual admiration
for a great band.  If you feel strongly pro- or anti-American, then by all
means, act on your beliefs in a manner that will accomplish something!  Get
active in your government, or in agencies that promote your point of view.


- Greg

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