Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] unknown recording?

Cynthia Kalisz ckarat@hotmail.com
Sun, 11 Aug 2002 23:48:28 -0500

>At 10-08-02 05:24 PM +0200, Magnus Holmgren wrote:
>In this Goanna Band discography it says that members of The Oils 
>contributed to a benefit record for the Franklin River (?) in 1983:
>In the liner notes no Oils members are mentioned though. Maybe someone 
> >here knows?

I recently read an enjoyable article - Social Conscience Solid As a Rock / 
The Music Of Goanna, by Chuck Miller in Goldmine Magazine (Issue #570 May 
31, 2002).  It says "Let The Franklin Flow" was recorded in 1983 (no 
specific date given) along with friends and associates at the People For The 
Nuclear Disarmament Concert at the Sydney Myer Music Bowl.  The song was 
about the damming of Tasmania's Franklin River and went top 20 in Australia. 
  Marcia Howard of Goanna is quoted as saying Midnight Oil and Redgum were 
there and that they all were singing the song together. As both the Goanna 
website and article state the song is credited to Gordon Franklin And The 
Wilderness Ensemble.  The accompanying discography (by Chuck Miller and 
Bernie Lorbert) gives the label # as WEA (Aust) 7-259941.


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