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[Powderworks] Nazis and Taliban

Julian Shaw Julian Shaw" <julian@jlshaw.co.uk
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I never want to forget the history of the British Empire! If I said
something that made you think otherwise then I'm sorry.

I'm not surprised that the British Government backed up the US as nearly all
world governments did. And so they all should - to an extent. My point was
not to say that we are perfect over here and that all the worlds evils are
due to the US Government. My point was that the US has done some very dodgy
things...and by the way some people are talking on this list it seems that
they unable to accept that these things were wrong! I have accepted that the
British Government has been responsible for some monumental acts of evil. I
would criticise where appropriate. Can you do the same with your Government?

Julian Lewis Shaw
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Obviously I was being sarcastic in my response to Julian Shaw when he said
that he wanted to move beyond the history of the British Empire, as if to
dismiss it completely.  All world powers, British included, have spies to do
their dirty work.  The question after 9/11 was where were they?  Appearantly
the CIA had cut the budget to the point that we had virtually no one out
there, leaving us open to anything.  Julian's finger-pointing fails to
observe the fact that the day after the bombings, the British Government
offered to back up the US Government as it saw fit.  Whose interests were
they protecting?  I am not for this war any more than the next person, and
yes, a lot of what has happened could've been avoided.   But if you're going
to blame the US Government for the current state of Afghanistan, try to
remember that we're not the only ones over there.