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[Powderworks] Hiroshima/Dubya's "war on terra"

Julian Shaw Julian Shaw" <julian@jlshaw.co.uk
Sat, 10 Aug 2002 12:28:26 +0100

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> I Live in the US and I consider myself fairly liberal
> and nobody thinks of me as "dirty".  Being a Liberal
> is worn like a badge of honor in most areas.

Fair enough - it just seems that no American politician really wants to use
the word liberal. I could have got hold of the wrong end of the stick.

> And your question:  Was it provoked or not.  You're
> not seriously suggesting that Osama was provoked are
> you?  I hope I am misunderstanding you.

No I don't think what he did was justified. No way! Also I don't really know
whether he was provoked or whether he is just a nutter who would have
existed whatever US policy had been. I don't know enough about the situation
to say. I was just trying to seperate out the two questions. I was saying
that asking whether there were factors that provoked the attacks is
different to asking whether the attacks were justified or not. Eg. person 1
taunts person 2 in the street and then person 1 and all his family gets
killed by person 2. It was provoked but totally unjustified.

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