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[Powderworks] Hiroshima/Dubya's "war on terra"

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that's it in a nutshell.
good one jonathan


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> It is my opinion that the US gov't (government) is the economic
> equivalent of the nazis.  Whoah, whoah, before you rip me a new hole,
> consider it.
> The Nazis tried to take over the world by overrunning and occupying
> countries, then bending them to their will.  The US does exactly the
> same thing in an economic fashion.  If a country isn't friendly or can't
> be bought, then the CIA secretly funds the rebels to take over the
> gov't.  Or, in the case of Irag, Afghanistan, etc, they bust in and kick
> some ass.  At the same time, they drudge up support for their war
> efforts at home by issuing propaganda that villainizes the "enemy" while
> pleading the case of the rebels or the poor helpless citizens of the
> country in question.  The reasons given by the US for the "war" in
> Afghanistan were 1) oust the Taliban gov't because they wouldn't hand
> over Bin Laden and 2) free the Afghani people from the evil tyranical
> Taliban.  It doesn't seem to matter to them that Afghanistan is in a
> right mess now, after the fact.  The US gov't doesn't care, as long as
> they can build their pipeline through Afghanistan and pump their
> precious oil.
> In short, the US is taking over the world just as systematically and
> just as selfishly as the nazis wanted to do.  They just aren't quite so
> obvious and violent.  But, in the end, people are still dying and
> starving and rotting because of US gov't policies.  But they don't care
> because they aren't Americans dying.
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> Subject: [Powderworks] Hiroshima/Dubya's "war on terra"
> I reckon that it's always good to have these sort of debates/discussions
> as 
> part of the forum. However, I believe that George "Dubya" Bush's current
> "war on terra" has got sweet f-a in common with any conflict up to and 
> including World War II.
> I realise that this is an often recurring theme on this mailing list, 
> however, I believe that the US of A has got a lot to answer for when it 
> comes to this current round of the US military using up its excess
> arsenal 
> on whatever bogeyman's turn it is, i.e. Bin Laden, Iraq, Phillipines,
> etc.
> For a group such as Al Qaeda, the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, or any other
> militant organisation for that matter, to form, they are more often than
> not 
> provoked into being. Since 1949, the United States has been involved in 
> nearly every conflict involving both government sanctioned and boycotted
> militant activities in the 'Second' and 'Third' World.
> From the Congo, Vietnam, Columbia, Chile, Nicaragua, Panama, Haiti,
> Cuba, 
> South Africa, Uganda, Burma, Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia, etc., the might
> of 
> the US military-industrial complex has found a reason to sustain its
> profits 
> at the expense of millions of innocent civilians and unwilling soldiers.
> The current haphazard looting of Afghanistan by British, American and
> other 
> 'Allied' forces is just another example of western 'democracies' failing
> to 
> understand and recognise the reactions that their self-imposed
> 'freedoms' 
> produce in the inhabitants of many of these countries. For groups such
> as Al 
> Qaeda to prosper and seemingly succeed against the might of the US
> military 
> should not surprise anyone who has bothered to read a history book.
> Also, the United States should realise that both on the domestic and 
> international fronts, they are waging an illegal war. For a war to
> occur, it 
> strictly must be between two nations. What the US is currently pervading
> is 
> a Gestapo style global police force that no-one in the western
> hemisphere 
> has the guts to stand up to.
> Domestically, many of the laws on 'homeland security' introduced since
> the 
> Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 are actually in contravention of up to 13 
> Amendments in the US Bill of Rights. Scary stuff.
> Things to think of, I guess, when dramatic anniversaries such as the
> bombing 
> of Hiroshima and Nagasaki occur...
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