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[Powderworks] Weeding of Audio and Video

Dan Brunner dbrunner@execpc.com
Fri, 2 Aug 2002 09:48:39 -0400

Most of the weeding I have seen goes like this.  These are only 

1. Someone offers three copies of an item to the group.
2. First three respondents are mailed the item free of charge.
3. The three respondents then make three copies each and then offer 
them to the group. 
4. Offers may be restricted to certain regions due to postal costs.  
Usually the item will make it to other parts of the world eventually.
5. Don't offer an item until you have received it from your weeder.
6. Towards the end of the life of a weed, the item is usually offer to 
those with no means to re-weed (burnerless individuals).

The only problem is that the group ends up with a lot of mail about 
weeds.  A tree structure is nice, but if you miss the inital posting of 
a tree, you have to set up a trade.

> I was wondering if someone could explain to me off the list 
how 'weeding' of Oils audio and video works. I do have some Oils stuff 
that I might be able to offer up.
> Thanks,
> Tammy
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